The current position:Creative workshop - Share the fresh、Interesting、Fashion、Alternative ideas
The zodiac queries
Constellation is according to the Gregorian calendar(The Gregorian calendar)The date,Including the zodiac:Aries、Taurus、Gemini、Cancer、Leo、Virgo、Libra、Scorpio、Sagittarius、Capricorn、Aquarius、Pisces,First you have to know you of the Gregorian calendar(The Gregorian calendar)Date of birth,Then compare the zodiac date below query can check your horoscope。
Chinese zodiac queries
Also referred to as the twelve Chinese zodiac nian,Twelve animal signs,Including:The mouse、To make、Tiger)、)、Dragon、Snake、The horse、Not the sheep、Monkey、Unitary chicken、Dog)、Pig。
The Gregorian calendar lunar conversion
The Gregorian calendar is the Gregorian calendar,A public,Lunar calendar also is the lunar calendar,The Gregorian calendar lunar conversion provided query:To provide1936To2031Between the years:Lunisolar calendar conversion,Lunisolar calendar,Lunisolar calendar converter,The lunisolar calendar conversion,The Gregorian calendar lunar conversion,The Gregorian calendar lunar conversion,Calendar calendar lunar conversion,Solar calendar lunar calendar conversion,The Gregorian calendar lunar date query,The Gregorian calendar lunar query service。
Hundred thousand whys
Hundred thousand whys content is very broad,Take the way of question and answer to introduce all kinds of scientific knowledge,The latest、The scientific concept of the right into the Internet,To build a comprehensive、Perfect、True、Practical new hundred thousand whys,The content of the hundred thousand whys,Hundred thousand whys online reading knowledge warehouse,The real can save a lot of problems for you,With the most convenient way to get most want knowledge。
Daqo computer process
In your computer,There are usually20-30A process is running in the background,Process refers to the system is running in an application,The basic conditions of system process is operating system to run,With this process,The system can run normally,By looking at the running system process,Judging system of the current running state,System provides the most common process of process knowledge。
Silly child creative workshop:Implement some fun,Interesting ideas!

She likes to call me with a smile【Silly child】,With a bit of playing,With a bit of intimacy!

Have some ideas,It is said that very silly,Naive,But if we don't go to try,For a moment,Always feel the heart has unwilling,it doesn't matte,Let us to implement it!

Silly child creative workshop( a dedicated to introduce excellent creative products website nowadays all over the world,Will be about leisure、The game、Entertainment、Works of art and fashion class to online readers。

Creative workshop site concept:Find and share interesting、Fashion、Alternative creative life,We can communicate here、Absorption、Exchange、Submit the latest trends in creative design information,Burning passion of life,We are in need of creative design。

Creativity is one of the traditional rebellious,Is the philosophy of the break,Are we synonymous,Is direct the sacred circle of progressive sublimation,Is a kind of intelligent development,Is a kind of culture,Is a kind of flash,Was made new cycle of creation and destruction of the old,Taken as a macro micro set,Spin is the point,Thinking is out of the lushan mountain,To surpass oneself,Beyond the conventional guidance。

Creativity is the magical combination intelligence industry economic rubik's cube,Is the think tank、The think tank of energy release,Is a deep emotional and rational thinking and practice,Is the thought collision、Wisdom and docking,Is creative system engineering,Is to invest in the future、The process of creating the future。

In a nutshell,Creative is novel and creative ideas。

We believe in,Even a small idea,Also contains a lot of wisdom,As long as you have a good idea,Good design,Can hatch into commodities,Like to share with the creative friends,Create a fresh products,Which are very cool!

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